The C Programming Language
Brian W. Kernighan Dennis M. Ritchie  
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Publisher:Prentice Hall
Genre:Computers & Internet
Purchased On:2006-03-19
Date Added:2006-03-19
Summary: An indisputably classic computing text, Kernighan and Ritchie's The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition, is the standard reference for learning and using ANSI C. Written by the co-inventors of C, this concise tutorial has a well-deserved reputation for clarity and precision as it defines one of the most successful programming languages of all time. It's an essential reference, which will be useful for beginners and experienced programmers alike.
This masterful tour of C features concentrates on essential programming constructs, from the basics--such as data types, variables, operators and flow control--to more advanced topics. Short, effective programming samples are the rule here. (Many samples work with strings and text files). Along the way, the authors don't shy away from the thornier C topics. For example, when discussing pointers, they look at pointers to pointers and even pointers to functions. Later in the book, they offer useful code for a flexible memory allocation scheme and a binary tree. The text concludes with the formal specification for C and a compact listing of the functions in the C standard header files.
C is still a great first programming language, and its influence is felt in Java and C++, both of which support many programming constructs based on C, while adding support for objects. The C Programming Languageis still an excellent reference to one of our most successful and efficient programming languages. It's a book that deserves a place on the bookshelf of any C/C++ developer, regardless of your experience with the language. --Richard Dragan,
Topics covered:
• overview of ANSI C
• introductory language tutorial
• data types
• variables
• arrays
• operators and operator precedence
• flow control
• functions
• header files
• recursion
• macros and the C pre-processor
• pointers and arrays
• advanced pointer types (pointers to pointers, pointers to functions)
• multidimensional arrays
• structures and unions
• dynamic memory allocation
• console and file I/O
• UNIX file functions
• Formal description of the standard C language
• Reference to C standard library header files and functions