Songwriting for Dummies
Jim Peterik Dave Austin Mary Ellen Bickford  
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Publisher:Wiley Publishing, Inc.
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Summary: Want to know how to make it as a songwriter? Songwriting For Dummies gives you a chance to learn from the best. Performer, songwriter Jim Peterik is a 35-year veteran in the business and author of dozens of top-40 hits, including “Hold On Loosely,” “Caught Up In You” “Rocking Into the Night,” “High On You,” “I Can’t Hold Back,” “Is This Love,” “Burning Heart,” and “The Search is Over.” Dave Austin is CEO of Transcension Music Group. He’s produced and promoted some of the greatest talent in the industry, including Carlos Santana, Eddie Money, REO Speedwagon, and Queen. And Mary Ellen Bickford has been involved in music and film production for more than two decades.
Whether you’re a first-time songwriter or songwriting vet looking for a fast-track into the recording industry, this friendly, easy-to-follow guide is the source for you. Using well-known tunes as examples, the authors walk you through everything you need to know to:
• Choose a musical style
• Develop a song idea
• Compose high-impact lyrics
• Create melodies that are memorable
• Use rhyme and rhythm
• Understand song from, from blues to jingles
• Create a demo and shop it around
• Find an agent and publisher
• Find and work with collaborators
From assessing your strengths and weaknesses as a songwriter to signing contracts, Songwriting For Dummies covers all the bases. Among other key topics, you’ll explore:
• Various song forms, including the AABA form and various ABAB forms
• Snagging your listeners with a lyrical, melodic, musical, rhythmic, or sound-effect hook, or a combination of hooks
• Concept-driven, story-telling, parody, love and other types of lyrics
• Using rhythm, melody, and chords in writing songs
• Rock, pop, R&B, hip-hop, and many other song styles
• Writing songs for stage, screen and TV
• The business end—from putting together a business team to getting a lawyer and an accountant to finding a publisher
Whether you want to know how to compose a love song for that special someone, or you’re looking break into the industry, big-time, Songwriting For Dummies is a gold mine of inspiration and how-to information.